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Checklist: Achieve Perfect Physical Inventory in 10 Easy Steps

Love/hate relationships. Everyone has one. It could be something as minute as grocery shopping or doing laundry, or something much more important like filing taxes. We all hate the process of filing taxes every April, but when you receive a refund check in the mail, a smile creeps across your face. There are even love/hate relationships within your job. For most manufacturers, that relationship centers around one thing: physical inventory.

Just mentioning the words “physical inventory” on the shop floor will result in a few laughs and eye rolls. So what makes people react this way towards physical inventory? Let’s start with a definition: physical inventory is the process a manufacturer goes through to count its entire inventory. Often, it’s a requirement to achieve certain certifications or a financial or tax requirement. This is especially true for government or defense contract manufacturers and they’re required to perform physical inventory on a regular basis.

Because we know the process of physical inventory gives anyone who has to partake in the activity a splitting headache, we’ve developed a set of 10 steps to help you achieve perfect physical inventory and relieve your pain. You can read about each step in detail by downloading our whitepaper titled How To Achieve Perfect Physical Inventory in 10 Easy Steps.

In it, you’ll find steps like prepare and plan ahead, freeze transactions and inventory movement, minimize downtime and more.

Once you’ve downloaded our whitepaper and read through each step, we recommend using our Achieve Perfect Physical Inventory in 10 Easy Steps Checklist found on page 9 of the whitepaper. This will serve as an easy guideline to accomplish all of your physical inventory goals and make the process headache-free.

For more information on achieving perfect physical inventory download our whitepaper today.

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