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Catch Mistakes Before They Happen with Company Messaging Software

company messaging software

Getting a quality product out the door on time every time requires putting the right data in the hands of the right people at the right time. That’s where Company Messaging software can make a real difference. By automatically sending event-driven internal and external notifications, you avoid missed communications that result in late shipments, mis-timed purchases, and other costly mistakes.

Don’t Let Mistakes Slow You Down

Suppose a purchase order (PO) for materials is scheduled to be sent out based on a job’s due date. Before it goes out, someone changes the job due date in your ERP software but forgets to notify purchasing. So the PO goes out as originally planned and the materials arrive, where they end up sitting in inventory, taking up space and incurring unnecessary carrying costs.

Or, suppose a due date gets moved up, purchasing isn’t notified, and the job ships late because the material didn’t arrive in time. Now you have an unhappy customer and people pointing fingers at each other as to why it occurred.

Both mistakes can be easily avoided with Purchase Order Action Required (POAR), a feature in Global Shop Solutions Company Messaging software that compares POs in the system with current demand to identify date or quantity mismatches. Using the messaging system, POAR automatically sends an alert to purchasers, who can quickly review the mismatches and take action to avoid unnecessary purchases and/or ensure the materials arrive on time for the job. If other people are involved, they can be automatically notified as well.

“One of the best features of Company Messaging is the ability to send emails based on certain criteria. For example, you can set it to send an email only when the quantity goes up or down by 5% or the due date changes by more than a week. That way, people don’t waste time reviewing emails that have little impact on the schedule or cost of the job.”

– Langley Melendres, Senior Consultant for Global Shop Solutions

Reduce Scrap and Maintain Data Integrity

Company Messaging can do a lot more than help you avoid PO mistakes.

Internally, you can send notifications to shop supervisors, management executives, or sales representatives about any number of events in the shop. Externally, you can notify customers when their order has been entered, when it’s scheduled to ship, and other important events. Suppliers and vendors can be informed of purchase orders, billing or change requests.

That’s Not All…

Creed Monarch, a custom manufacturer of alloy components, uses Company Messaging to maintain database integrity. When salespeople create a new inventory item number, the system automatically notifies IT Manager, Pat Meunier. She then checks to make sure sort codes, standard costs and other essential data were entered correctly.

“The system offers a lot of messaging options you can activate for a wide variety of action scenarios,” says Meunier. “Making sure we have integrity of the data right from the start can save a lot of time and effort later on.”

Thomas Instrument, which makes parts and components for defense aircraft, uses Company Messaging to help reduce scrap. When a machinist clocks out of a sequence and records scrap, the system automatically sends the department manager an alert via email. He can then identify what caused the scrap and what action, if any, needs to be taken. According to Mike Slamen, the company’s IT Manager, “Our defects per million opportunities (DPMO) have declined because we’re on top of a defect as soon as it occurs, not weeks or months later.”

Company Messaging is easy to set up and use. You never have to worry about rev control documents getting lost on someone’s desk. Messages can be sent via email and SMS texting. Plus, the wide array of options let you set up alert parameters so people aren’t interrupted by unnecessary notifications.

Fewer mistakes. Reduced scrap. Materials arriving on time. What’s not to like about Company Messaging software? Learn more about how it can simplify your manufacturing.

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