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A Strong CRM Means Stronger Customer Relationships

Global Shop Solutions CRM

The manufacturing industry is transforming from product-focused to consumer-centric practices, Technology Evaluation Centers reported. To appeal to customers, a manufacturing company must understand what consumers want. Once manufacturers have this invaluable information, they can tailor products accordingly. Not only do enterprises need to know the consumer’s specifications, but they also must focus on increasing acquisition and retention numbers, providing quality customer service and boosting profitability.

Customer management provides manufacturers with detailed information 
Manufacturing companies turn to a customer relationship management system to organize essential information regarding customers, convert leads into consumers and maximize sales, according to Destination CRM. ERP software often comes with a CRM tool. CRM functionalities may include a customer portal, a reporting and analytics feature, as well as a solutions knowledge base. All of these modules provide both the sales and production departments with information on customer demands that feed into successful customized sales campaigns, help manufacturers solve problems with ease and give customers the opportunity to provide manufacturers with feedback. An ERP CRM module also allows companies to check the availability of a product, as well as inform customers with a specific delivery data and time, reported.

Global Shop Solutions meets manufacturing companies’ needs
With Global Shop Solutions’ CRM feature, manufacturing companies can access everything about a customer or prospect. From quoting prospects to tracking shipments, a manufacturer can build stronger relationships with customers using this module.

With a purchase order number, an employee can tap into the ERP software program and find a customer’s job title, email address and phone number. CRM tracks sales associated with an individual customer and monitors financial information, such as payment history and credit limits. With Global Shop’s CRM module, a manufacturing company can thoroughly manage prospects and build tight-nit customer relationships.

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