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8 To Do’s To Improve Your Shop Floor Scheduling

Short lead times, continuous changes to customer orders, and shop floors that always seem to be in flux pose an ongoing struggle when getting on-time delivery rates to where they should be. Which, in turn, leads to losing business to competitors with more reliable on-time delivery rates. Sound familiar?

If you’re not one of the many manufacturers consistently achieving on-time delivery rates of 98% or higher, we can help you. Low on-time delivery rates can result from problems in all areas of the business, but for many, the #1 factor is inefficient scheduling: the engine that drives everything through the shop floor.

So if scheduling sets the pace for every movement on your shop floor, are you driving a manufacturing business with a Ferrari engine or a Ford Pinto engine? To start driving one with a Ferrari engine, there are 8 to do’s you can start doing today:

  1. Take control of your inventory.
  2. Track your data in real time.
  3. Simplify your quoting process.
  4. Build and compare bill of materials (BOMs) in minutes.
  5. Make real-time decisions with custom Dashboards.
  6. Easily track key indicators.
  7. Always work off the correct rev.
  8. Simplify your order entry process.

When scheduling becomes an accurate, effortless process, everything else is smooth sailing. You know what to expect, your shop floor personnel know what to expect, and jobs move through the floor on time and within budget. Download the whitepaper to see exactly how to do each of these steps and hear from customers that have fixed each of these problems.

Stop saying “I can’t schedule and deliver on-time” today.

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