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5 Things to Make Sure You Have Quality on Your Shop Floor

You can’t let quality issues drive your customers to more reliable competitors. If quality issues make you lose sleep, you aren’t alone. We designed our ERP software with manufacturers just like you in mind.

For over 40 years, Global Shop Solutions has been simplifying manufacturing and helping manufacturers improve quality. We’re experts in helping businesses go from good to great, making us an expert in our field.

Below are 5 statements to help you determine if your quality is on point – or in need of some work. If your response to the below statements is “almost always”, then you’re doing better than most manufacturers:

  1. Our Quality system enables us to identify and correct defective parts before we ship them.
  2. Our Quality system enables us to identify the cost of quality down to the part level.
  3. Our scrap rate is equal to or better than the industry standard.
  4. When parts are out of tolerance, our Quality system will not allow the job to continue until the problem has been corrected.
  5. If we identify a quality problem with work in progress, our system tells us whether it would be more cost-effective to correct the parts already made or scrap them and start over.

If you didn’t respond “almost always” to those statements or want to know the other 5 statements true for manufacturers with exceptional quality, take our Manufacturing Health Test. You will gain access to your overall manufacturing performance score, see how you compare against others, and get the steps needed to go from good to great.

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