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5 Things Great Manufacturers Do To Customize Their Business

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Your business creates a variety of products and each order can vary slightly. You understand you need ERP software to help you effectively manage your business. But do you know that sometimes customized ERP software can be your best option? Great manufacturers do. And they choose an ERP system that can customize AND support their business needs. They can respond with a resounding “yes” to these five statements:

  1. Our ERP system allows us to customize screens, reports, and programs to do things the way we want and format data the way we need to see it.
  2. Our ERP system lets us download free custom applications that simplify job processes.
  3. Our ERP system offers the built-in scalability to grow with our business.
  4. When we call in with a software issue, we usually get a response from the technical support team within a few hours.
  5. Our ERP vendor provides a wide variety of online and live education/training opportunities to improve skill in using the software.

If you answered “yes” or “most of the time” to the statements above, you’re a rare gem in the manufacturing world. But for the majority, you probably answered “no” or “an ERP system can do that?”

To get a better idea of where your business is, take the Manufacturing Health Test. You’ll get your overall score, see how you compare against others, and get the steps needed to go from good to great.

For over 40 years, Global Shop Solutions has been helping manufacturers just like you customize their ERP software to simplify their manufacturing. Now, it’s your turn.

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