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5 Things Below-Average Manufacturers Say About Inventory Control

And how to fix it.
Does your inventory give you anxiety? What about purchasing inventory and trying to order the right amount of materials? If you answered “yes” to either of those question, you are not alone.

How do you know if you’re doing inventory correctly? Check out the below statements.

Below are five statements that are generally true of below-average manufacturers:

  1. We estimate, rather than knowing with certainty, what we have in inventory and where it is located.
  2. We over-purchase to make sure we have enough materials for jobs.
  3. We over-buy because two people in different departments order the same part or material.
  4. We struggle to trace parts throughout the production process in order to meet government or industry certification standards.
  5. Lack of inventory visibility makes it hard to confidently promise due dates to customers.

If you responded “yes”, “sometimes”, or “I probably shouldn’t be doing that”, then you are struggling with inventory. Take the Manufacturing Health Test to see exactly how you stack up.

You’ll get your overall score, see how you compare against others, and get the steps needed to go from good to great. Then you can start improving your inventory control.

For over 40 years, Global Shop Solutions has been helping manufacturers become more efficient in all things related to inventory. Our ERP software helps simplify manufacturing for our customers just like you.

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