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5 Shop Floor Problems That Drive Customers Away

And How You Can Make Them Disappear

You can ask any manufacturer what their toughest issues are, and there’s a good chance that getting their parts through the shop floor fast enough is one of them. If you’re surprised by that response, don’t be.

In this day and age, customers are expecting quicker turnaround times regardless of the industry, and manufacturing is no exception. If you can’t meet the demands of your customers because you’re running a slow shop floor, get ready to say “so long” to your revenue.

If you’re not getting parts through your shop floor quick enough to make your customers happy, the following five problems could be getting in your way. But don’t worry – we’ve also provided a solution to each of these problems.

    1. Lack of data visibility on the shop floor. This is costly and frustrating, and without access to real-time data 24/7, you’re constantly stuck in reactive rather than proactive mode. By implementing a full-service ERP software system, you have the data you need and everyone works from the same page.
    2. Scheduling is a mess. Not knowing your true capacity of your labor, machines, and workcenters makes it incredibly difficult to establish realistic schedules and ones that are flexible when it comes to short due dates. Meet current market demands by acquiring an ERP system with robust scheduling capabilities to provide you the real-time data you need to conduct accurate “what-if” scenarios.
    3. Incorrect routers, work orders, and BOMs. These three things are a major source of quality problems and data error problems, which in turn, means it’s a major source of missed due dates. The fix? Stop doing these documents by hand. It’s 2018, and most ERP systems offer basic features that complete these processes electronically. Don’t be left in the dark.
    4. Inventory sucks. It’s all fun and games until you know what jobs need to be completed but you don’t have the parts to complete them. Just like it takes a village to raise kids, it takes a village to maintain clean inventory. Start by implementing an inventory module that offers barcoding, automatic reorder capabilities, label printing and more. You know where your inventory is and how much you have stocked, the easier it is for you to deliver your product on-time.
    5. Inefficient materials movement. Getting materials from point A to point B isn’t always easy, and manually tracking material movement can lead to a whole slew of problems. The solution is mobile materials movement, which allows you to perform this essential task with speed, visibility and control.

Most manufacturers have struggled with at least one of these five problems at one point or another in their careers, and chances are, you are too. Download the whitepaper to see in-depth solutions and hear from customers that have fixed each of these problems.

Stop saying “I can’t get parts through the shop fast enough” today.

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