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4 Ways CRM Can Make Your Business a Customer Favorite and Win New Deals

You don’t want to give anything less than your best for your customers and prospects. That means you want to provide helpful information to your customers in real time, and be able to simply sell and gain new customers.
However, that’s easier said than done. Each sales person has their own way of selling and customer service representatives hold information about customers close to their vest. Information can become easily silo-ed, which negatively affects your bottom line. Fortunately, we have 4 ways that an ERP software Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application can help you strengthen customer relationships and win new deals.

  1. One Stop Shop: All the information your sales team and customer services team could possibly want about customers or prospects is stored in a simple application that interfaces with your ERP software. Gone are the days of giving your customers inaccurate information. With our CRM, the data is readily available and easy to communicate. Both you and your customers can access the information in an organized manner, increasing transparency and solidifying the customer’s trust in your company.
  2. Creation of Opportunities: With more organized data, you can easily track prospect interactions and identify opportunities for new business. You can set up events, follow up on prospect leads, or track quotes and sales. With the vast amount of organized, accurate statistics Global Shop Solutions CRM provides, the opportunities for business growth are unlimited.
  3. CRM in the Palm of Your Hand: Ever had that feeling that you forgot something about a prospect or customer while you’re out on the road? With our CRM software, this isn’t an issue. Mobile CRM allows you to track customers’ order information and prospect details from any mobile device. You can easily access their quotes, orders, shipments, history, and more, anytime and anywhere. It’s as simple as that.
  4. Cultivate Existing Relationships: Global Shop Solutions has always put customers first, and our CRM software is an excellent example of that. We like to go the extra mile to make sure our customers feel appreciated, so our software includes features that allow you to mark important meetings and events with your own customers. You can also place important notes next to each individual contact that you come across, so you can add a personal touch to every relationship.

Get CRM software and Mobile CRM for your business today.

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