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30% in Reduced Inventory Value Changed Packaging Manufacturer WePackItAll

“You can’t take the human element completely out of inventory transactions so it’s important to have a tool that allows you to do the job properly.”

–Antonio Puente, ERP Specialist, WePackItAll®

Global Shop Solutions was that tool for packaging manufacturer WePackitAll®. A leading packaging and service company, WePackItAll designs and produces a wide variety of custom packaging for everyday products from sugar and hot chocolate to vitamins, liquids, and cereals. Customers send in their vitamins or food products and packaging; WePackitAll puts it all together and sends it back to the customer.

Whether it’s a new product or a different type of packaging, most WePackItAll jobs require something new or different. They credit Global Shop Solutions by allowing them to handle their custom jobs in a timely and efficient manner.

“We do a lot of similar projects, but every job is a one-off deal, and no two are exactly the same,” says COO David Hoover. “Global Shop Solutions gives us the flexibility to do what we do while providing structure to how we build and manage work through our plant.”

30% Reduction in Inventory Value
Since implementing Global Shop Solutions, WePackItAll has reduced its raw materials and finished goods inventory value by 30%, while improving accuracy from 93.2% to 99.7%. Hoover credits these improvements to having a robust system that tracks everything down to the lot/bin level with remarkable precision.

Faster, Better Decisions
In the packaging industry, which never stops evolving, speed is of the essence. With Global Shop Solutions, WePackItAll enjoys faster access to data, enabling them to execute daily tasks more efficiently and make informed decisions at key control points throughout the organization.

“The speed at which we collect, access and analyze data has grown by leaps and bounds,” adds Hoover. “More important, it has greatly improved our ability to make critical decisions quickly and with confidence.”

To learn more about how ERP software works for packaging manufacturing, visit the packaging industry webpage.

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