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3 Ways to Prep Your Labeling Process for Future Business Growth

No matter the size of your shop, every manufacturer is striving for growth – adding a new product, offering a new service, increasing production volume and expanding to new markets. You need to be ready for this growth in all areas – including labeling.

Learn and live by these 3 ways, from our partners at TEKLYNX, to be ready for future business growth.

    1. Utilize multi-user network licensing. As a business, you need to assess and evaluate if you are using the most efficient and cost-effective licensing structure. If you have more than 2 users utilizing your label printing software, install a multi-seat network license instead of multiple single users. This creates a lower cost per user and license management is simpler.
    2. Print documents and labels from the same application. Moving document printing into your label design application is smart when both are using the same data from your ERP software. When utilizing CODESOFT you will be able to standardize your printing method onto one application.
    3. Stay up to date across the board. Your business needs to stay up to date with its technology applications. Software updates are key to printing high-quality labels – and getting the best bang for your buck. An old version of software may not work very well with a new and current operating system, so keep your software up to date.

By utilizing multi-user network licensing, printing documents and labels from the same application, and staying up to date with your technology, your label printing needs will be ready for unexpected changes.

Author: Our partner TEKLYNX, a leader in barcode label software, helps businesses all around the world run more efficiently and simplifies the barcode labeling process.

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