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3 Ways Router Automation Impacts the Bottom Line

Automation in manufacturing is necessary to stay relevant in today’s manufacturing industry. And if you want to stay relevant you need Nesting Interface software to get the job done.

Global Shop Solutions Nesting Interface software integrates your ERP software with your current nesting software. This integration simplifies your cutting process and your production. When you add router automation to the mix of your shop floor, you not only bring your shop into the 21st century, you will also save money.

Here are three ways router automation with nesting software can positively impact your bottom line:

  1. Improve Material Utilization. Material costs represent a large portion of operating costs, so it’s important to optimize your output. The intelligence in nesting software allows for continuous nesting, optimizing the balance between production throughput and material yield. For producing smaller parts, nesting software allows extra clearance through larger part-to-part spacing, ensuring part quality and reducing wasted materials.
  1. Optimize Production & Labor Efficiency. Nesting software automatically nests parts for CNC routers and will nest according to your machine’s specific configuration. Stability sequencing allows the nesting software to process the parts in a smart way, moving the lead-ins to ensure less rejected parts due to router movement. Quick changes in nesting and NC tooling to support dynamic production environments makes moving jobs from one CNC router to another easy. It also minimizes tool and spindle damage by applying ramp up lead-ins/lead-outs and helps improve tool life and part quality with multi-pass cutting features.A nesting software’s driving tools save time by automatically recognizing holes and calling out drilling tools, reducing setup times and tool changes that would normally be done manually. Automation for a router allows fabricators to see an increase in programming capacity without adding personnel or machinery.
  1. Easily Manage Engineering and Production Data. Lastly, the right nesting software imports with all major CAD file types, allowing faster migration of data including: geometry, material, quantity, and other part parameters. To further support production, nesting software machine post processors report back estimated cycle times. This data provides real-time information to operations, material management, engineering and sales departments.

To learn more about how router automation with nesting software can impact your bottom line, check out our nesting software partner, SigmaNEST. Their software offers automation for router programming that works across the spectrum of fabricating processes- from production planning to extending tool life. Visit or call 513-674-0005 for more information.

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