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3 Ways Integrating ERP Software with Vital Applications Can Help Your Business

Manufacturers with integrated ERP software

Integrating your ERP software with your other manufacturing software and applications can revolutionize your access to all the data it takes to run your business.  

With the ability to integrate with your existing software, programs and applications like CAD, Nesting, Tooling, Microsoft, EDI, etc., you’ll be able to reduce your costs, make better decisions with more accurate data, and simplify your processes.

While there are countless and specific ways integrating other software into your ERP can help your business, we’ve identified the top 3:

1. Save Time and Money

We all know that time is money. Integrating your software allows you to run your manufacturing business more smoothly, saving you valuable time. With an integrated system, problems are solved quickly and with fewer clicks allowing your business to better adapt to changes and save you money.

2. Get More Accurate Data

By consolidating all the different software you use  into one integrated system (your ERP software), you eliminate a lot of the manual data entry. By removing the margin for human error while manually pulling data from one system and inputting it into another, you’ll find that your data is more accurate and that you’ll be able to make better and faster decisions.

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3. Simplify Your Processes and Improve Productivity

When you can access all your data from one system, processes become simpler, requiring less transfer of information in and out of different systems. With simplified processes, employees are able spend more time on tasks that will help your business grow.

Let Another Manufacturer Show You How

Bristol Machine Company is a fabrication and machining firm that manufactures OEM parts for the mining and heavy equipment industries that have made many improvements to their business using integrations within their Global Shop Solutions ERP system.

“Instead of having two separate, stand-alone databases to manage all the manufacturer’s instructions, we have one that seamlessly integrates with Global Shop Solutions. We don’t have to recreate our database. We don’t have to bother with duplicate data entry. And our people have instant access to the documents they need right on the shop floor. The time savings are enormous!”

– Alain Theriault, Engineering Manager at Bristol Machine Company

Check out all the types of software and applications Global Shop Solutions integrates with:

  • Popular banks and credit card gateways
  • Many popular CAD and Tooling programs
  • CRM software
  • eCommerce platforms
  • A large selection of EDI solutions
  • Commonly used business software such as Microsoft Office programs
  • Many different HR and Payroll software
  • Software for labeling and shipping
  • And more

See all the integrations, fill out the form, and talk to our experts about how we can integrate with the tools you currently use.

Don’t see the integration you’re looking for? Don’t worry! Our Custom Team can tailor and customize the software to integrate with any of your existing programs or applications.

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