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3 Best Practices to Reduce Printing Errors

Labeling errors can be costly to manufacturers. Thanks to the help of our partner, TEKLYNX, we can help you reduce errors and print more efficiently. Follow these 3 best practices to avoid making costly errors and print more effectively.

    1. Create database-driven label templates. Manually typing your label information into your label design software makes it easy to make a mistake. In order to avoid making errors, use your existing business database. Create variable fields on your label and connect them to the relevant database fields. Once the variables are set up, all you have to do is select the correct database record and click ‘Print’.
    2. Use data validation to prevent printing if there’s an error. It can be a pain to have one person type in MM/DD/YY and another user type in DD/MM/YYY. Data validation forces the user to enter data in a specific format. Your label printing software should allow you to set up data validation, therefore making sure the data entered into the label is correct and the same across all users. This will save both time and money.
    3. Maintain records of the label design process. The best way to prevent errors is to keep records of each step in the printing process. When an incorrect label is printed, you must track it back and figure out why the error happened in order to make sure the same error does not happen again. Making a printing error multiple times will be costly, but if you maintain records of the label design process, it ensures accuracy and saves you money.

Overall, labeling errors can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you cannot identify where the problem occurred. By creating database-driven label templates, using data validation, and maintaining records of the label design process, businesses can print labels smoothly and efficiently.

Author: Our partner TEKLYNX, a leader in barcode label software, helps businesses all around the world run more efficiently and simplifies the barcode labeling process.

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