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The Global Shop Solutions Global Application Builder Software Development Kit (GAB SDK) allows virtually limitless customization to your Global Shop Solutions ERP software system. Additionally, the Application & Reports Center (ARC) offers 1,300+ projects for customers to download, use, or further customize free of charge.

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ERP Software That Delivers on Its Promises

Our ultimate goal is to simplify the manufacturing process for our customers, improving efficiency while increasing profits. The integration of automated inventory control with the management of planning and scheduling for the shop floor achieves both of these goals.

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Most Popular ARC Projects:

1. Purchase Order Review Dashboard

Return on Investment

The Purchase Order Dashboard will display the following fields all on one screen: PO#, PO Line, Vendor Name, Part, Loc, Part Description, PL, Due Date, Order Qty, Qty Received, Qty Open, Qty In Inspection, Job, Suffix, Notes, and Type. The user will be able to filter by Vendor, PL, Part, Cutoff Date, and Type (All, Normal, Outside). There are options to view and/or edit depending user or user group.

2. Open Work Order Review Dashboard

Lower Setup Costs

This version of the Job Dashboard will display the following fields: Printed, Released and Released Date (custom table), Job, Sfx, Cust Name, Part, Loc, PL, Descr, WO Due Date, Sched Due Dt, WO Start Dt, Act Hrs and Qty Rem. From within the program the user is able to add notes to the individual work orders. User in EDITWO group will be able to Open/Edit the WO.

3. Auto Email Purchase Order PDF

Shortened Cycle Times

This custom program will override the standard email function on the Purchase Order Header screen. It will launch a screen where the user can choose from a list of contacts for the vendor on the purchase order. Multiple recipients can be chosen and a user can add additional emails as recipients for those who are not in the system as contacts. The user can then enter a subject and body text for the email. When sent, a PDF version of the Crystal Purchase Order report is generated and saved.

4. WIP Move Ticket Process and Label

Increased On-Time Delivery

From the GUI, when updating a work order sequence, the Script1 button will be renamed to "Move Ticket". After pieces are entered, click the Move Ticket button to print the labels. Main Purpose:

  • Paperless – at least less paper…
  • Identify movement of partial/complete transfers between operations
  • Identify scrap/rejected parts for quality (ISO required)

5. Exploded BOM / Router report with Labor and Material Totals

Reduced Administrative Overhead

The report selection will be similar to BOM>View>Exploded BOM or Router Matl w Inv Status however this report will total labor hours and material for each sequence/level of a Router/BOM based on number of pieces chosen to estimate. The selection screen will allow the user to select a BOM or Router and a number of pieces with which to estimate. The report will display Sequence, Part, Category, Source, Total Estimated Hours and Labor and Material with totals.

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Newest ARC Projects:

1. Open Sales Order Backlog Report

Lower Labor and Material Costs

The open sales order backlog report allows a user to view and drill down into all backlogged open sales orders from a single screen and sort the data by Part or Sales Order Due Date, all in real time.

2. Launch Detail Billing App

Improved Productivity

The launch detail billing application allows a user to view detail billing information and take action from within the CRM module.

3. Sales Order to Work Order Due Date App

Superior Customer Service

If there is a Sales Order in the system and that Sales Order has Work Orders tied to it any change in date to the Sales Order will automatically update the Work Order accordingly to match. No more searching or mistakes.

4. Variant of Open Order Review

Accurate Inventory Tracking

This application allows a user to review open orders and include the following data as viewable - Location, PL, Line Item, Create PO.

5. BOM Custom

Increase Sales

The BOM Custom is a scheduled task that takes place against the data in the ERP system and updates the parent work order value on the child work order based on Job, Suffix, Part, and Quantity.

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