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Loadmaster Derrick Ditches Spreadsheets for ERP Software

Founded in 1986, Loadmaster Derrick & Equipment is a leading manufacturer of oil field equipment. Headquartered in Broussard, Louisiana, the privately-held firm specializes in producing custom offshore equipment, including derricks, masts, bridge rackers and accessories, and casing stabbing boards for many of the world’s largest oil producers. For years, Loadmaster Derrick didn’t have they data they needed to make the right management decisions.

Loadmaster Derrick managed the business with an assortment of spreadsheets and manual calculations. As the company grew, the system became increasingly unreliable and difficult to use. In 2008, management made the switch to Global Shop Solutions.

“Our ERP implementation team looked at several different systems, and they all had good features and capabilities,” recalls Andy Mayfield, head of IT for Loadmaster Derrick.

“What attracted us to Global Shop Solutions was its flexibility and ease of customization.”

-Andy Mayfield, head of IT for Loadmaster Derrick


As an IT specialist, Mayfield appreciates the ability to customize Global Shop Solutions to meet the needs of Loadmaster Derrick’s operating environment. For example, the summary report used during job closing meetings is actually a custom Crystal Report. According to Mayfield, managers review the report on an almost daily basis to make key decisions regarding their large projects.

“In addition to monitoring costs and margins, we also use it to make decisions on sales, quoting and manufacturing techniques,” he explains. “As we review the data, we can determine whether or not a certain process is working well, and if not, make appropriate adjustments.”

To learn more how data at their fingerprints changed business for Loadmaster Derrick, download their case study.

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