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Is Your Website Your Weak Point?

Websites PLUS for Manufacturers by Global Shop Solutions can make it your strong point!

48% of people said a website’s design is the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.

SME Website Statistics. February 27 2014. Rareform New Media.

Does Your Website Say?

  • We are a credible business
  • We provide quality products
  • We are a modern manufacturer

When your website looks bad, it makes you and your company look bad, which negatively impacts your lead generation and sales.

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Websites for Manufacturers

  • Works on all devices
  • Customized for your manufacturing
  • Up and running quickly

Global Shop Solutions provides you a manufacturing specific website and promotional solution that makes you look great and gets your manufacturing business seen on millions of websites.

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More Than Just a Website

  • See your business on millions of websites
  • The same solution that Global Shop Solutions uses

It's more than a website, it is a complete promotional tool that actively gets your company in front of prospects every single day, every single hour of the day.

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Website Design Before-and-After

Slide the arrows from LEFT to RIGHT to compare an example of an older, out of date website to the new design using Websites PLUS for manufacturers that you can expect.

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Why Websites PLUS for Manufacturers?

We want our customers to have the very best. That is why we have partnered with Expert Internet Marketing to offer our High-performance Website Solution. They are the creative team behind our new website and promotional strategies, which has delivered a level of success far beyond our expectations. Now our website projects an image of quality that accurately reflects the superior product and service we offer.

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Key Features of Websites PLUS for Manufacturers

Our Websites PLUS for Manufacturers solution offers you the same key features that you find on Global Shop Solutions's website

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Additional Websites PLUS for Manufacturers Features

Several additional features are available in our website solution for manufacturers that take it beyond what you might receive from other providers.

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SEO Friendly

Search engines will like your website. It will find important keywords in your written content and behind the scenes in tags and descriptions.

Secure Hosting

No worries about your site going down or operating below par. Your expert website development team will also provide your monthly hosting services.

Google Network Ads

Your company banner ads will be displayed over 50,000 websites each month, adding recognition and credibility to your brand.

Custom Designed

You will work directly with the design and development project manager handling your project, making sure your website represents your company in a unique way.

Monthly Updates

As your company grows and makes changes, your website will need updates to the original information. Monthly changes are included with your package.

Mobile Ready

Your website will include multiple versions to allow it to immediately adjust the display to fit the screen size of the device being used.

The PLUS in Websites PLUS?

“I see your ads everywhere.” That is what you’ll be hearing from your customers with the incorporation of remarketing advertising into your website.

  • Show up on sites customers frequent
  • Keep your website only a click away
  • Stay top of mind with your customers
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Customer Testimonials

“...they over exceed our expectations with our website.”

CEO, B&B Machine & Grinding Service Corporation

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