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Build Every Job Right the First Time

Are these common manufacturing problems slowing down your business?

  • Frequent order entry errors that result in costly rework
  • Taking too long to build bill of materials (BOMs) and routers
  • Getting halfway through a job before discovering incompatible options
  • Inability to keep materials and preassembled part inventories at sufficient levels
  • Difficulty accurately pricing products based on the selected options
  • Frequently missing customer deadlines due to lack of materials or rework
  • Losing jobs to competitors who offer faster turnaround time

Today’s truck and trailer customers want products built their way. If you can’t correctly manage all your customization options while also efficiently producing stock products, your business can lose time, money – and customers.

From order entry to shipping, we help you work faster and more accurately at every step of the multiple-options manufacturing process.

Increase Your Manufacturing Speed

Begin Production the Same Day You Take the Order

Fewer Order Entry Errors

Easily select, build and confirm customer options with our time-saving Configurator. Eliminate conflicting trailer options by always sending correct work orders to the shop floor.

Always Accurate Inventory

Keep sufficient inventory on hand by setting automatic reorder points for parts and manufactured subassemblies. Provide faster turnaround times by always knowing what you have in inventory – and trusting the numbers.

Improved Shop Floor Efficiencies

Build complex routers and BOMs in minutes rather than days or weeks. Automatically price each job correctly, even for option packages you haven’t manufactured before.

Eliminate Production Problems that Slow You Down

Shift your focus to new business opportunities rather than constantly putting out fires

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Don’t Just Meet Your Goals – Surpass Them

Truck and Trailer manufacturers around the globe use our ERP to overcome the same challenges you face every day. Meet with one of our current Truck and Trailer customers to learn how you can take your business to the next level of efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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