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Today’s manufacturing customers demand short turnaround times and on-time delivery. When you can’t get parts through your plant fast enough, customers will find someone else who will. If you’re tired of losing business to competitors with superior shop floor efficiency, Global Shop Solutions ERP software has the solution.

What You Look Like Now

Struggling to move parts through your shop is the result of multiple problems in many different areas.

  • Scheduling is a mess of spreadsheets and white boards
  • Hand-written routers and work orders are often incorrect
  • Bill of materials (BOMs) take days or weeks to build

What You Look Like Now

  • Machinists stand around because they don’t know what to work on next
  • Materials don’t arrive at the right jobs at the right time
  • Frequent inventory stockouts put jobs on hold

What You Look Like Now

  • Poor quality control results in excessive rework
  • Poor communication between workcenters and departments
  • Lack of data visibility on the shop floor

When a shop experiences these problems, your customers and your business suffer. Employee morale plummets. You end up constantly putting out fires rather than staying ahead of the game. Why work like that when you don’t have to?

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

Imagine having a shop floor where jobs move through the production process in a smooth and timely manner. Where everyone knows what everyone else is doing because information flows seamlessly through the shop floor. Where bottlenecks and production problems are identified and resolved before a job becomes overdue. With our ERP software, you will:

  • Schedule efficiently and accurately based on knowing your true capacity
  • Electronically send error-free routers and work orders to the shop floor
  • Build complex BOMs in minutes

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Ensure that machinists always know what to be working on now and next
  • Always know exactly what you have in inventory and where it is
  • Avoid stockouts with automatic purchasing of parts and materials

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Use lot bin and mobile technologies for fast, efficient material movement
  • Instantly know the status of all jobs in real time
  • Correct quality issues in real time rather than after the fact
  • Have everyone working off the same information in one integrated system

What You Need to Get There

Our ERP system includes software specifically designed to address your manufacturing challenges. Turn your shop floor into a “lean, mean, part-producing machine” with these software programs:

You Can Do It

Most of our customers were just like you – struggling to resolve the same production problems over and over again. Read how three of them made the leap from shop floor mess to shop floor mastery with our ERP software.

Leiden Company

Manufactures custom wood cabinetry and fixtures

  • "We used to guess about the status of most jobs. Now we simply log into Global Shop Solutions and all the data we need is right there."
  • "Our large clients have up to 4,500 part options to choose from. Using Global Shop Solutions, we create huge, multi-level BOMs in minutes."
  • "Improved shop floor control has – by far – been the biggest benefit of Global Shop Solutions."
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Advanced Plastiform, Inc.

Provides custom plastic molding and fabrication services

  • "We used to spend hours looking for tooling. Now we find it in minutes."
  • "With Global Shop Solutions Inventory software, we know the exact location of over 4,000 items across three manufacturing facilities."
  • "Machinists no longer waste time hunting down routers, drawings, BOMs, POs, or inventory lists. This adds up to a 100% increase in logistics efficiency."
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King Machine, LLC

Manufactures precision parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry

  • "Shop floor workers no longer have to leave their stations to hunt down setup instructions or the latest rev version. It’s all there in the system."
  • "With Global Shop Solutions Paperless Software, we move materials to the job while documenting the transaction right there on the shop floor."
  • "Our lot bin transactions and inventory counts provide near-perfect inventory accuracy so we can build the product and ship on time."
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