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The needs of today’s manufacturing customers can change very quickly. Keeping up with them, or better yet, staying one step ahead, requires an ERP system with the flexibility to adapt to your business needs. Otherwise, you’ll get left behind by more agile competitors who can change direction on a dime. Flexible, adaptable and easy to customize, Global Shop Solutions ERP lets you meet customer expectations by running your business the way you need to.

What You Look Like Now

If you can’t respond to changing customer needs in nimble fashion, it may be that your ERP software is holding you back. Recognize any of the following in your business?

  • Our ERP system has limited out-of-the box capabilities
  • The software forces us to do things their way rather than ours
  • Adding customization is a costly, time-consuming process

What You Look Like Now

  • We want to upgrade to the latest version but it costs too much
  • Ongoing training options from our ERP provider are minimal at best
  • Technical support is slow and indifferent; we can’t count on it when we need it
  • We’re falling behind competitors because our vendor rarely updates the software

What You Look Like Now

  • Our system doesn’t integrate well with other third-party software we have
  • Our ERP system provider has been bought and sold three times since we got it
  • We can’t adapt as quickly as our competitors to changes in the industry

These are just some of the reasons so many small- to mid-size manufacturers are upgrading to Global Shop Solutions ERP software.

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

Global Shop Solutions adjusts to the way you work rather than forcing you to do it our way. Our software comes with:

  • The ability to customize screens and programs without an outside programmer
  • An online portal with 1,000+ custom programs you can download for free
  • Robust out-of-the-box features and functionalities

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Regular updates to introduce new features and programs
  • Frequent, easy-to-implement version updates at no cost
  • Multiple ongoing training options
  • Expert U.S.-based technical support, available when you need it

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Ongoing R&D to keep your ERP software at the forefront of the industry
  • Experienced Consultants to help you get the most out of your ERP system
  • The same family ownership for more than 45 years

You don’t know how flexible ERP software can be until you’ve used Global Shop Solutions.

What You Need to Get There

Serve your customers better than anyone else with these Global Shop Solutions software programs:

Get nimble. Get lean. Get creative with Global Shop Solutions.

You’re Not Alone

With Global Shop Solutions, you have more than just an ERP vendor. You also have a friend and a partner in your success. No matter what challenges you face, we’ll be here when you need us. That’s a promise. Read how three of our customers get the flexibility and support they need to provide superior service to their customers.

Automation Tool and Die, Inc.

Provides custom tooling solutions for automotive and outdoor leisure products

  • "From the start, we were attracted to Global Shop Solutions' reputation for outstanding customer service and their work/family culture."
  • "They provide great service and continually improve the product. When we can’t resolve an issue on our own, they're happy to join with us in finding a solution."
  • "We think so highly of Global Shop Solutions that we even demonstrated our system to a competitor. We believe it's important to strengthen all manufacturing in the U.S., and Global Shop Solutions can help all of us operate at our best."
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Western Container Corporation

Make-to-order paper tube manufacturer

  • “When a customer calls with an inquiry, we can handle it without having to put them on hold or schedule a callback. Customers and staff love it when they can take care of everything in one phone call.”
  • We get a lot of last-minute changes to orders. CRM makes it easy to handle because the data is all there in front of you.”
  • “Not only can we track labor more accurately, but we can also work up quotes faster and with greater precision.”
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Creed Monarch Inc.

Contract manufacturer of precision-machined alloy components

  • "Global Shop Solutions gives us so many ways to look at the information, including screen customization, to visually simplify and emphasize pertinent data fields."
  • "The service and technical support from Global Shop Solutions are outstanding. They’re quick to respond when we run into a problem, and they’re constantly updating and improving the software."
  • "The software gives us a powerful tool for managing our resources more effectively and improving our ability to respond to changing customer demands."
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