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Consistent on-time delivery is no longer a competitive advantage; it’s a customer expectation. Without efficient scheduling, on-time delivery becomes difficult, if not impossible. Without reliable on-time delivery, good customers soon become ex-customers. If scheduling problems are preventing you from upholding your promises to customers, Global Shop Solutions ERP software has a better way.

What You Look Like Now

Inefficient scheduling is a leading cause of low on-time delivery rates. It typically looks like this:

  • Your schedule is written on a white board or in multiple spreadsheets
  • Manual scheduling processes rarely get updated in time
  • You can only guess at your true capacity for workcenters and personnel

What You Look Like Now

  • Late jobs take priority, thereby causing other jobs to be late
  • You accept customer due dates hoping, rather than knowing, you can meet them
  • Almost every job seems to be a “hot” job
  • Outside processing and shipping are often overlooked when scheduling jobs

What You Look Like Now

  • Quality suffers in the rush to get jobs out the door on time
  • Costs increase and margins decline due to late fees and rework
  • Customers are unhappy because deliveries are a day late and a dollar short

If this isn’t keeping you awake every night, it should be.

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

When scheduling becomes an accurate, effortless process, everything else goes more smoothly. Shop floor personnel know what to expect and when. Shipping works more efficiently when jobs are completed on schedule. Customers start recommending your business because you consistently ship on time. With Global Shop Solutions Advanced Planning Software (APS) – considered by many to be the most powerful scheduling module in the industry – you will:

  • Schedule jobs efficiently and accurately
  • Correctly estimate lead times
  • Know your true capacity for machines, workcenters and personnel

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Know the status of all jobs in real time
  • Accept customer due dates based on hard data rather than guesswork
  • Easily schedule and reroute jobs for improved forecasting

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Instantly see how inserting a job into the schedule will affect other jobs
  • Identify production bottlenecks in real time
  • Move jobs through the shop floor on time and within budget
  • Improve on-time delivery rates and customer satisfaction

What You Need to Get There

Customers who master the following Global Shop Solutions software programs typically raise their on-time percentages to 95% and higher. Many achieve rates of 99+%.

You Can Do It

Read how three of our customers transformed their scheduling and on-time delivery with Global Shop Solutions. Then call us to learn how you can do it too.

Alexandria Pro-Fab Co., Inc.

Provides custom plastic molding and fabrication services

  • “With APS, we can easily see where we have available time on our machines in case we need to move up a job or push others out.”
  • “Whenever we make a change to the schedule, the system immediately shows how it will affect every other job.”
  • “Our on-time delivery rates now average 97.6%, and 100% for our biggest customer who buys $16 million of product each year.”
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Davico Mfg.

A special exhaust manufacturer specializing in direct-fit catalytic converters

  • “The system displays real-time job status by allowing operators to update each work order when they complete their portion of the production process.”
  • “The 'Current Work in Progress' screen identifies employees that significantly exceed standard so we can check for bottlenecks and quickly resolve them.”
  • “Our on-time delivery rates (tracked daily) now average 98% – including same-day shipping orders.”
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Cox Machine, Inc.

Contract machine shop for parts, assemblies and sheet-metal fabrication

  • “The system‘s finite and infinite scheduling allow us to see if we have any capacity issues six-to-eight weeks out into the future.”
  • “We can easily adjust capacity (by adding shifts or moving people and workcenters around) to accommodate short turnaround times and rush jobs.”
  • “Displaying real-time production data throughout the shop floor helped us achieve our current 99+% on-time delivery rate.”
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