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When you struggle to keep your sales pipeline full, it throws a wrench into every area of the business. Cash flow suffers. Morale plummets if you have to cut employee hours or shifts. The bottom line can turn from black to red. The only thing worse is watching competitors continue to successfully grow their businesses. More than just a production management system, Global Shop Solutions ERP software offers a powerful tool for growing sales and revenues.

What You Look Like Now

If your manufacturing business is suffering from the dreaded “flat sales syndrome,” you’ll probably recognize these symptoms:

  • Your sales process is manually driven
  • Order entry is a slow, cumbersome, often inaccurate process
  • Customers are constantly calling to find out why their parts haven’t arrived

What You Look Like Now

  • Sales order tracking is time-consuming and inefficient
  • It takes days to put together a quote or respond to an RFP
  • You can’t determine job costs or margins with any degree of accuracy
  • You don’t know which customers are your real money makers

What You Look Like Now

  • Increasing sales requires adding more administrative personnel and overhead
  • Sales reporting and analysis is inhibited by limited data visibility
  • You frequently lose business to competitors with lower margins

Stop spinning your wheels and start growing with Global Shop Solutions.

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

When everyone in the business has instant access to all the information about your customers, their orders and their parts:

  • Sales management becomes a smooth, timely and efficient process
  • Sales orders can be accepted and work orders sent to the shop floor in minutes
  • Customer service reps can answer customer questions in a single phone call


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • People can easily view detailed sales orders data from one screen
  • Knowing your job costs and margins enables precise estimating and quoting
  • You can target profitable customers by knowing which jobs make or lose money


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Entire sales histories can be instantly accessed by customer or part number
  • The company can take on more work without increasing administrative costs
  • You get more business from existing customers

You’ll win more jobs by underbidding competitors and still make money by knowing how low you can go without hurting margins.

What You Need to Get There

Spend less time managing sales processes and more time increasing revenue with these Global Shop Solutions software programs:

Yes You Can

Our ERP system helps manufacturers grow sales in many different ways. Read how three of our customers use the software to grow their companies.

Louis Industries

Metal fabricator of parts and components for OEM customers

  • “Since implementing the software, our sales have grown by 600% with only a 300% increase in our workforce.”
  • “Global Shop Solutions helps us gain new business by adapting to the individual needs of each customer.”
  • “We’ve developed an agile, functional production system that allows us to keep up with today’s shorter lead times and just-in-time deliveries.”
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Rugo Machine Shop Services

Production job shop specializing in precision component parts

  • “In the three years since going live with the Global Shop Solutions, we’ve averaged 56% year-to-year annual growth.”
  • “The growing demand for our quality parts has our CNC mill, lathe and Swiss-style machines running from 7:00 am until midnight.”
  • “The software’s built-in scalability allows us to grow our company knowing we won’t have to change our entire business management system in the future.”
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Key Gas Components

Manufactures high-quality gas train components for gas appliance OEMs

  • “Since implementing Global Shop Solutions, our sales have grown 53% without adding additional staff or overhead.”
  • “Our manufacturing, scheduling, and inventory control are now so well managed that we can fit in more production without adding overhead.”
  • “We’ve cut lead times, which helps get parts to customers faster. Much of our sales growth has come from existing customers, which also lowers new business acquisition costs.”
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