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Ongoing quality issues drive up costs, hurt your reputation and shrink your bottom line. They make it difficult to earn and maintain ISO and other quality certifications. And they drive customers to more reliable competitors. With Global Shop Solutions ERP software, quality manufacturing becomes a way of life rather than a never-ending process of fixing bad parts.

What You Look Like Now

If you’re struggling to improve quality, chances are your shop floor looks like this:

  • Handwritten routers and work orders are frequently incorrect
  • Engineers and machinists often work off different document versions
  • Quality inspections are an “after the fact” rather than real-time process

What You Look Like Now

  • Machinists log scrap and rework by hand, on paper
  • Bad parts are identified when customers return them, rather than before they ship
  • Cause and corrective incidents are hand-written and manually tracked

What You Look Like Now

  • Beginning-to-end traceability of parts is impossible
  • The same quality issues occur over and over
  • You can’t determine your cost of quality with any precision
  • You lose customers due to recurring quality issues

Constantly scrapping and remaking bad parts keeps you throwing good money after bad. Get off the rework merry-go-round with Global Shop Solutions.

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

When you master our Quality Control software, the visible improvements on your shop floor and in your business will astound you.

  • Electronically deliver error-free routers and work orders to the shop floor
  • Engineers and machinists always work off the correct document rev
  • Easily and accurately log all purchasing, inventory and manufacturing rejects


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Identify bad parts as they are made, rather than after they are shipped
  • View all rework, rejects, and scrap in one Quality Dashboard screen
  • Take and document cause and corrective actions in real time


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Trace every part with 100% accuracy as it moves through your shop floor
  • Track your entire quality history in one central location
  • Easily produce quality documentation for ISO and other compliance auditors
  • Know your true cost of quality – by the part, the job and overall

Most important, you’ll start winning more jobs when customers know they can count on you for quality.

What You Need to Get There

Lift your quality metrics to where they need to be with these Global Shop Solutions software programs:

Achieve Near-Perfect Quality

Complete traceability of every part that moves through the shop. Less scrap and rework. Precision tracking of quality costs. Near-perfect quality ratings. These are just some of the improvements our customers have made with Global Shop Solutions. Read how three of our customers transformed quality from an anchor on their business into a competitive advantage.


Makes composite strengthening systems for pipelines and civil structures

  • “Instead of being a separate process that occurs after the fact, quality management is now an integral part of our job production process.”
  • “NCFRs, cause and corrective actions, root cause analysis – these are all done easily and accurately in Global Shop Solutions.”
  • “We now know what it costs to remake a part and our total cost of quality. As a result, we know what we’re really spending to manufacture our products.”
Read the case study

QTA Machining, Inc.

Custom machine shop specializing in complex and precision parts

  • “When machinists report a deviant part, the system automatically notifies the quality manager, who determines the problem and disposes of the part appropriately.”
  • “Cause and corrective actions and NCMRs are attached to the work order so that operators don’t make the same mistake when the job comes through again.”
  • “Last year, we achieved a quality rating of 99.67% (blended rate based on returns and in-process deviations).”
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Nowak Machined Products

Custom CNC machine shop specializing in vertical and horizontal milling

  • “When operators identify a suspect part, they immediately enter it into the system, which automatically creates a quality record.”
  • “We can see when every part came in, who machined it, and when we shipped it. We can also trust the data to be accurate, which we couldn’t do before.”
  • “We can easily track scrap, rework and other quality issues. Our quality managers now make decisions based on hard data rather than guesswork.”
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