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I Can’t Get My Inventory Accurate.

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Trying to manufacture products with mismanaged inventory is like driving a car with one foot on the brake. The wheels of production don’t turn as fast as they should. Jobs miss their due date. Customers complain. It takes much longer to get where you want to go. Global Shop Solutions shifts your business into high gear with ERP software that puts you in complete control of your inventory.

What You Look Like Now

Inaccurate inventory typically occurs as the result of many inefficient processes. You may recognize some or all of these in your business.

  • Inventory is received and tracked by hand
  • People often have to climb over bins and shelves to find parts
  • Physical inventory counts take days and are rarely accurate

What You Look Like Now

  • Pick and move tickets are written on paper and manually tracked
  • Materials are often late getting to the job
  • Jobs are late due to frequent part and material stockouts
  • We often over-purchase to ensure having enough materials on hand

What You Look Like Now

  • Expedited material shipping charges are out of hand
  • Complete traceability of parts is next to impossible
  • We can only guess at our true inventory costs

Is it any wonder you can’t get a grip on inventory?

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

Our inventory management software helps you lower costs and make better business decisions.

  • All incoming materials are barcoded and instantly logged into inventory
  • We know exactly what we have in inventory and where it is
  • We rarely do physical inventory counts; when we do they are swift and accurate


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Mobile technology makes material movement a snap – from anywhere
  • Auto reorder levels prevent stockouts of critical parts and materials
  • Jobs are never late due to lack of raw materials
  • Lot bin tracking gives us complete traceability of parts


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • We rarely pay expedited shipping charges for incoming materials
  • Cycle counting allows us to purchase and use inventory more cost-effectively
  • We know exactly what our inventory costs, when we bought it and why

Never again will you have to wait on a $10 part to complete a $50,000 project.

What You Need to Get There

Make the leap to precise inventory management with these Global Shop Solutions software programs:

You’re Not Alone

Almost all manufacturers experience some level of inventory difficulties. Read how three of our customers turned inventory accuracy into the status quo rather than an unrealized dream.

Advanced Plastiform, Inc.

Provides custom plastic molding and fabrication services

  • “In the past, locating the right mold for a job could take hours. Now that everything from tooling to materials has its own barcode label, we find it in seconds.”
  • “We know in real time the exact location of more than 4,000 items across three manufacturing facilities, and what’s in transit between them.”
  • “Setting up every box of product as its own lot-bin tells us exactly what we have (in terms of case quantity) and where. When a customer needs a case of 20, we pull it off the shelf, slap a label on it, and ship it. It’s that simple.”
Read the case study

Fabricating Specialties, Ltd.

Supplies fabricated products for the oil & gas and construction industries

  • “Knowing where every piece of material is going and how it will be used has dramatically improved inventory accuracy and prevented materials shortages.”
  • “When manually tracking material drops, we often didn’t know how much we had or where the material was. With Global Shop Solutions, we know exactly how much we have on hand.”
  • “Since implementing the ERP software, inventory accuracy has improved 90%.”
Read the case study

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