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I Can’t Figure Out My Costs.

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When you can’t cost jobs accurately, it costs you time, money and customers. Inexact tracking of labor time drives up labor costs. Underpricing and incorrect margins erodes profitability. Slow quoting and overpricing can drive away customers. Global Shop Solutions ERP software takes the uncertainty out of the costing process by letting you know how much each job costs and why – in real time.

What You Look Like Now

If accurate job costing continues to elude your business, it probably looks like this:

  • Collecting direct labor time is still a hand-written process
  • Indirect labor costs seem excessive – but nobody knows why
  • It takes days or to weeks to come up with the final cost of a job

What You Look Like Now

  • Job costing is mostly guesswork due to poor data visibility
  • Job costing is a historical rather than real-time process
  • Estimating and quoting are inaccurate because you don’t know your true costs
  • Actual costs regularly exceed estimates by more than 10%

What You Look Like Now

  • You don’t know how much inventory you have or how much it costs
  • You can’t determine if margins are correct
  • You lose jobs to competitors who can track their costs in real time

Take your costing from guesswork to getting it right every time with Global Shop Solutions.

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

You will make quick and accurate business decisions to proactively manage your costs and your margins.

  • Track direct labor down to the penny – for each job and job sequence
  • Identify and eliminate wasteful indirect time
  • Track material costs in real time as jobs move through the production process


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Know the true cost of each job and each job sequence as soon as it is complete
  • Estimate and quote with precision
  • Compare actual versus estimated costs while the job is in progress
  • Know exactly what you have in inventory and what it cost


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Ensure margins are correct by knowing your true costs
  • Easily track and build costs for large projects that take months to complete
  • Drive cost out of your production process while maintaining margins

You'll track job costs, margins and profitability – for every part and every customer – with amazing precision.

What You Need to Get There

Turn slow, inefficient manual costing tasks into partially or fully automated processes with these Global Shop Solutions software programs:

Compete on Cost, Not Price

Accurately tracking costs is critical for all manufacturers to compete in today’s global markets. Read how three of our customers use precise costing to improve their competitive position.

Staber Industries, Inc.

Manufactures energy-efficient washing machines and drying cabinets

  • “With Global Shop Solutions, we discovered our costs were higher than we thought. It was a real eye-opener to see our true costs for the first time.”
  • “As long as we correctly input our hourly labor rates, overhead and equipment costs, the system gives us a very accurate accounting of our true costs.”
  • “Knowing our true costs tells us how much we can come down on price in regards to competitors, and how low we can go before saying no.”
Read the case study

Alexandria Pro-Fab Co., Inc.

Machine shop specializing in CNC turning, 5-axis milling and prototypes

  • “Having operators electronically log on and off all jobs allows for more precise capture of direct and indirect labor time.”
  • “We used to assume we made good margins based on our costing. In reality, we often had jobs going out the door for less than they cost to make.”
  • “With Global Shop Solutions, we can now see when our pricing and margins are off and adjust them as needed.”
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Frederick’s Machine & Tool Shop, Inc.

Mixed-mode Manufacturer Specializing in Parts for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • “We know exactly what a job costs and where we can trim costs to quote more effectively.”
  • “The system helps us determine how low we can go with a quote and still make a profit on a job, and we trust the data.”
  • “Now, we can determine our true costs as soon as a job is finished.”
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