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Winning in Manufacturing Means Winning with Inventory

Time is money, but few things are more costly for a manufacturer than inventory sitting on the shelves collecting dust (often literally). The American Metals Market, the authority in metals since 1882, recently authored an article titled – The Right Track. This article discusses the importance of traceability in metals and traceability starts with inventory.

Global Shop Solutions is proud to have Senior Consultant Ralph Johnson and Director of Marketing Adam Grabowski selected as thought leaders contributing to the article. For 40 years Global Shop Solutions has been simplifying manufacturing for customers around the world in nearly 20 different industries. One of the key differentiators for Global Shop Solutions is our customer success with the ENTIRE system, not just one part. When you visit a customer or speak to a customer they will show you the entire system – from quote to cash. One of the strengths of Global Shop Solutions ERP system is inventory tracking and traceability, thus our inclusion in the article.

That linking of ERP and inventory management has underscored how closely inventory is tied to cash flow, Grabowski explained. If you are not ordering properly—ordering too much or not enough and then paying to rush—you are compromising not just efficiency but also quality. That is the core of the system.

Discussing  the core functions of tracking and tracing, Ralph Johnson said that new functions use attributes such as density, thickness, shape and so forth to create work orders, even estimates priced by weight or size. The estimates, once accepted, then become orders.

We invite you to read the article and learn more on how Global Shop Solutions simplifies manufacturing for thousands of customers around the world through proper inventory management to deliver a quality part on-time, every time. We also invite you to demo our software, experience the Global Shop Solutions difference, and join the largest family of successful and profitable manufacturers.

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