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One of the most famous quotes you hear growing up is, “Do it right the first time.” In order to do it right the first time you need to know what the right way is. There are few industries where this is more important than the welding industry.

Customers that buy finished good or parts from manufacturers that require the welding of parts often require transparency in certification. They require this transparency because if the finished good or part is not made with the highest quality and to code, it can often lead to safety or hazardous results which can in turn lead to a loss in profitability. So what does or will your customer typically need? They need to know who worked on the part, what they did, when they did it, how long they worked on it, and is that employee certified to weld what was required. Welding certifications are designed to ensure welders skills are up to the code that they will be working under. The certification is documentation to prove that a welder is qualified under that code.

As a manufacturer or supplier when a customer demands this transparency, what do you do? If you are not a Global Shop Solutions ERP software customer, then you probably have a lot of manual work in front of you, but if you are a Global Shop Solutions ERP software customer then this problem is solved.

How you might ask? Download our Weld Certificates Program, which was programmed using our software development kit (SDK) and is free to customers in our Application and Resource Center (ARC) Store, and the ERP system will pull all the data your customer requires including, but not limited to, the welding procedure, employee name, employee id, date certified, what welds they performed, and when they did it.

Jeremy Finney, Vice President of Manufacturing for Houston-based Arc Designs (ADI), puts the value of this program into simple terms. In order to maintain the license, ADI has to provide a “weld map” showing the certifications of every person that worked on a particular project. This used to require manually transferring a lot of data from time sheets, work orders and other documents. Now Finney enters the work order number, and Global Shop Solutions ERP software prints a report that lists everyone who worked on the project by name and employee number. It also identifies which sequence they clocked in on each work order.

” This is a huge time saver especially on large jobs involving hundreds of workers. When we complete a rig, I can run this report and it will tell me every person that worked on the job, what they did, and when they did it. I then present it to the customer and say, ‘Here’s a list of everyone we had on the job and their certifications showing they were qualified to work on.’” 

– Jeremy Finney, Vice President of Manufacturing, Arc Designs

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