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Websites PLUS Case Study: CGI Automated Manufacturing

Websites Plus

A true high-performance website is not a standalone piece of marketing. It is, instead, the central hub for a well-planned digital marketing strategy. This is what CGI Automated Manufacturing was looking for when they decided to have a new website designed for their manufacturing business.

As a sheet metal fabricator that had been in business for nearly 40 years, CGI Automated Manufacturing wanted to gain more visibility and control over their online advertising costs. They were taking their online advertising to the next level with the goal of bringing in new business while maintaining a reasonable marketing budget.

Integrated Digital Marketing Website

The new CGI Automated Manufacturing high-performance website has a whole new look, but that is just the beginning. The company’s entire online marketing strategy was integrated into the design and development of the site.

    • Future-forward Design. Adding video to the new website was an important upgrade for CGI Automated Manufacturing. It was vital for the company to show that longevity does not mean old or out-of-date. A video that shows off their new facilities and state-of-the-art equipment communicates that better than words ever could.


  • Remarketing. By incorporating remarketing code into the new CGI website, the company kept their brand top of mind. When visitors left the CGI website, the remarketing code made sure that CGI ads were being shown on the other websites those visitors frequented.
  • Tracking and Reporting. They gained the visibility and control they were looking for through the monthly monitoring and reporting provided by the marketing agency. They could easily see which strategies were performing best and which ones needed adjustment to improve the rate of return.
  • Efficient Development & Launch. Every manufacturing company knows that efficiency is the key to profitability. CGI Automated Manufacturing is no different. The fact that their website design process and launch was well-planned and followed a detailed schedule was something they could appreciate. Regular communication with their project manager meant they always knew where things stood on the timeline they had agreed upon.

CGI Automated Manufacturing was thrilled to see their cost-per-click decrease on their Google Adwords search advertising following the implementation of this new integrated approach to digital marketing. With more dollars available for targeted advertising, they were able to expand their geographical marketing efforts.

“Their professionalism and follow through far exceeded our expectations in their quality and speed of response. I would recommend them without hesitation.” CGI Automated Manufacturing

Websites PLUS Equals Success

Global Shop Solutions has experienced these same benefits through integrating our new high-performance website with our online marketing strategies. We are using the same vendor for our website development and online marketing as CGI Automated Manufacturing. Through our partnership with this vendor, we are now offering Websites PLUS for Manufacturers as part of our services.

Download our Websites PLUS for Manufacturers product sheet or contact your representative for more details on upgrading your website and your marketing to a new level.


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