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Websites PLUS Case Study: B&B Machine and Grinding

Websites for Manufacturers

Does the look and function of a manufacturer’s website really make that much difference? Isn’t it just an online billboard or modern-day yellow pages ad?

These are common misconceptions about manufacturing websites and the very reason why many manufacturers have outdated, boring websites. B&B Machine and Grinding had one of those outdated websites. When they made the decision to have a new website designed, they took the time to research what goes into making a website into a significant digital marketing tool, something their old website was not. They chose a Websites PLUS package, designed for manufacturers.

Out with the Old – In with the New

The new B&B Machine and Grinding website has a whole new look, and that is important, in and of itself. But the features added to the new site, go far beyond sharper, more modern images. Here is a comparison of features between the old site and the new high-performance website they have now.

    • Video. Attention grabbing videos replaced static images and graphics. The moment you open the new site, you see motion and energy. No matter which page you open, the subliminal message is: “We get things done.”
    • Action Graphics. Even the industry specific graphic icons used to bullet point informational text include a motion component. This captures the eye of the reader much better than a static icon or typical bullet point dot.


  • Improved Credibility. Quality assurance and control certifications are vital markers of credibility for B&B Machine and Grinding. Their new website highlights these certifications with the ISO and ITAR logos, listing of specific quality testing offered and links to downloadable industry certifications.
  • More Effective Contact Info. The new website goes beyond a standard contact webpage form. Every page has a strong call to action, boldly listed near the top of the page with the company phone number and a Free Quote button that will take them to their new Contact page. On the new contact page, a Google map displays the location of the business as well as the standard address, phone number and online contact form.
  • Dynamic Services Listing. The services offered by B&B Machine and Grinding are listed out on their own page. Each service is highlighted with an industry appropriate high-resolution image. The content is written by a professional copywriter with a customer-focused sales approach, highlighting benefits versus features.
  • Behind the Scenes SEO. The professional content is written with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, but a high-performance website doesn’t stop there. Search engines don’t just look at content when ranking your site, they look into the background of your website for more clues. B&B Machine and Grinding’s new website has search terms strategically entered in the background to assist the placement of their website near the top of search rankings. The search keyword selection is done by Google Analytics experts, who integrate your website SEO strategy with that of your other digital ad campaigns.

B&B Machine and Grinding was looking for a company that provide them integrated marketing and web design services to help them expand into new markets and initiate growth for the future. They needed a high-performance website, one that went far beyond the capabilities of their old site. They got what they were looking for, and more, with Websites PLUS for Manufacturers.

“We gave them a vision, and they over exceeded all of our expectations with our website,” Rob Watts, CEO, B&B Machine and Grinding Service Corporation.

Websites PLUS for Manufacturers

Global Shop Solutions just went through the website upgrade process ourselves. We have partnered with our vendor and are now offering Websites PLUS for Manufacturers as part of our services, the same vendor that created the new website for B&B Grinding and Machine

Download our Websites PLUS for Manufacturers product sheet or contact your representative for more details on upgrading your website and your marketing to a new level.


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