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Visibility on the Shop Floor Changed Everything for Custom Metal Fabricator Arc Designs

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Arc Designs, Inc. is a full-service custom metal fabrication company specializing in parts for oil drilling structures. In addition to oil and gas, Arc Designs also serves the environmental, commercial, transportation, architectural and medical industries with a variety of metal fabrication services including hydraulics, machining, plate cutting, welding, sawing, coating and more. Established in 1999 when founder Josh Norris began working out of the back of his rig welding truck, the family-owned company has grown to 165 employees and several production buildings.

Prior to Global Shop Solutions, Arc Designs was unable to easily track direct and indirect labor on the shop floor. This changed with Global Shop Solutions’ Work In Progress (WIP) screen. With this screen, Arc Designs can receive a quick overview of all jobs moving through the shop floor at any given time. This makes keeping tabs on what’s happening on the shop floor easier than ever, especially for Jeremy Finney, Operations Manager for Arc Designs.

“With WIP I can see what job each employee is working on, when he started working on it, and all the details of the project,” says Finney. “WIP gives me a perfect screen shot of what’s happening throughout the day in each building.”

To learn more about Arc Designs, download their case study or any of our other 150 case studies here.

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