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The Everchanging ERP Market

The ERP market is evolving, and companies’ needs are changing. One of the industry’s biggest shifts is that small and midsize businesses are now turning to ERP solutions as a streamlined approach to business management, ERP Focus reported.

What manufacturing companies value most is a customized system geared toward their own needs. A generic software system won’t specialize in adhering to a firm’s day-to-day processes. Small and midsize manufacturing companies benefit significantly from a tailor-made software program. They are looking for software that meets their detailed business requirements, according to ERP Focus. Global Shop Solutions understands the necessities of manufacturing companies inside and out. In fact, some of Global Shop Solutions’s staff members have 10 to 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers are also searching for vendors who possess refined problem-solving skills. Whenever a company comes across a road block, its ERP provider should offer customized and thoughtful solutions. Known for its quality customer service, Global Shop Solutions offers a comprehensive support program. These services include quick responses to emails and phone calls, availability to travel to companies’ facilities, 24-hour online support channels and service tips in a monthly digital newspaper. The last thing a company wants is a system failure. With quick response times, Global Shop keeps businesses thriving.

EBN, a resource for global supply chain management professionals, recommended manufacturers receive thorough training so they can avoid manual steps. With detailed training, manufacturers can achieve an efficient work cycle. In addition to virtual training opportunities, Global Shop Solutions offers a week-long training course for new and current customers.

As the ERP market continues to change, ERP providers must be nimble to adjust to the market. Solutions must be scalable to meet the size of manufacturing companies. Global Shop Solutions provides manufacturers with flexibility, reliability and accuracy.



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