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The Benefits of Mobile Connectivity in ERP Solutions

The number of smartphones and tablets in use for both personal and business matters is staggering. It’s become quite difficult to go anywhere and not see someone engaged on one or both of these devices. These gadgets function as mini computers and those who own them have an ability to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Many enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors have begun developing ways to integrate mobile into their platforms.

While this move can be seen as somewhat forward-thinking, it has also become a necessity in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. Mobile adoption and use on the part of individual consumer and businesses will only to continue trending upward over time. For ERP software vendors, creating a platform that supports the use of tablets and smartphones will make their offerings more attractive to potential customers.

The advantages of mobile integration in ERP software
ERP solutions are designed to simplify the operational efficiency of the companies that have such systems in place. The delivery of real-time information to decision-makers that give them deeper insight into areas of strength and weakness of an organization is one of the biggest selling points for ERP vendors. However, mobile integration will likely be the next step in the evolution of ERP.

Many companies are rapidly adopting the use of a mobile workforce. Because of this, it is important for employees who work remotely or off-site, to have access to the same data that their counterparts working inside of a corporate location are privy to. Having an ERP platform with mobile integration accomplishes this goal.

The Ramco blog outlined several benefits related to ERP mobility, including allowing employees to collaborate with one another in real-time and streamlining a number of internal business areas, such as production, customer relationship management and human resources. In addition, mobile ERP solutions allow data to be shared digitally, without the need for paper or requiring remote staff to come into the office on a frequent basis.

These are just a few of the benefits offered by an ERP platform that supports the use of smartphones and tablets. Companies in the planning stages of implementation, that either have a mobile workforce or considering adopting this business model, should research vendors that have made tablet and smartphone functionality a critical component of their platforms.

Other benefits of having a mobile ERP solution
In addition to making the day-to-day tasks of employees easier by utilizing an ERP solution that supports mobile, there are benefits that a company’s clients will receive as well. The Seven Tablets blog listed several, but the most important is improved service levels.

It can be frustrating when customers working with a mobile sales representative inquire about an order that was placed and have to wait for a status. Having a mobile ERP solution mitigates this entirely. Having information at one’s fingertips can satisfy the needs of the client, as well as strengthen the working relationship between a company and its customer base.

Another plus of mobile ERP integration is simply maintaining an advantage over the competition. In the business world, things move fast and circumstances can change in an instant. While many companies have an ERP solution already in place, systems that support the use of tablets and smartphones aren’t as prevalent.

Organizations that are forward thinking and looking to capture market share, will need to take whatever steps necessary to be seen more favorably in the eyes of both existing and potential customers. Installing an ERP platform that allows employees to accomplish day-to-day tasks using a tablet or smartphone is a step in the right direction.

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