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Speed Up Your Manufacturing with a FastCHECK ROI

The focus of new implementations is to have a successful go live on Global Shop Solutions ERP software.  So much time, effort, and money is put into going live that companies often feel drained, both mentally and physically. For the last several months, you have put blood, sweat, and tears into making the ERP transition successful.

But now, fast-forward a couple of years. Business is as usual, and your company is using Global Shop Solutions extensively in their day-to-day operations. However, there are a few areas where users have fallen back into their manual methods. They have Microsoft Excel open keeping silos of information in places other than their ERP system. Paper forms are being used to track metrics. Emails are sent when a new order comes in.

Sound familiar?

Change is difficult for everyone, but in today’s world, we have to continue to strive for a competitive edge. We must keep pushing forward. We must get rid of the inefficient methods.

After going live, small changes can steer a company off course. The excitement and anxiousness of implementation is over, but power users are still hungry to do more. However, business is good and operations take priority over implementation of new items. Users have attended Friday Features sporadically, remembering the cool new dashboard that our trainers showed. They also remember Dusty’s excitement as he spotlights a customer of the week.

Wouldn’t you love to be that customer on Friday Features?  Then let’s turn this ship around and get back on track.

Old customers, new customers and those in between are perfect candidates for a FastCHECK ROI. Software and technology move so fast that it is hard to keep up with all of the new tools, tips, and tricks that Global Shop Solutions has to offer. Hence bringing in an expert. Only the most seasoned Global Shop Solutions employees are able to perform FastCHECK ROIs. Years of experience combined with the know-how to get things done are a perfect combination to get your company motivated and moving in the right direction again.

Our Consultants make the process easy. We strive to do two things: first, identify small wins while onsite to make the trip itself worthwhile. Secondly, deliver a complete report that reviews each area of a customer’s business in detail, identify current challenges, recommendations, a full plan to execute, and finally an estimated savings (ROI) if the said changes are implemented.

Global Shop Solutions Consultants are experts in manufacturing and recommend best practices for simplifying your operations. We have been a part of thousands of implementations and know what works in helping you become the leanest, most efficient company you can be.

The FastCHECK ROI report is broken down into multiple sections. Within the recommendations for implementation, Global Shop Solutions recommends steps to take immediately and further defines out those changes that should happen over the next one-, three-, and six-month periods.

The payback Global Shop Solutions customers receive from the FastCHECK ROI is high. Most customers will see more than 150% – 400% return on their investment, more than $87K in annual cost savings, and more than 3,000 labor hours saved per year. To achieve an even higher ROI, several customers can begin implementing the recommended changes themselves. Of course our team will plan out recommendations on training to assist with the implementation of the FastCHECK ROI.

Global Shop Solutions understands that is easy for our customers to get settled and live in the moment.  Have you wanted to do more, see more? Do you feel that you are missing something from your ERP system? Your team may even keep up religiously with software updates. But do you know what you own? Schedule a FastCHECK ROI today and find out what you have been missing.

Chris Pinaire has experience in more than 250 Global Shop Solutions implementations to date. He is Director of Consulting and Implementation and oversees all customers’ implementations.

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