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Prototype-to-Production Manufacturing Made Simple with ERP

Cal-Weld Case Study

Our customer Cal-Weld, (now known as Ichor Systems) a contract manufacturer located in Fremont, California, is a leader in custom high-purity assemblies and integrated systems for high technology industries. Cal-Weld provides a variety of services that include welding, machining, integration, and engineering.

Without Global Shop Solutions ERP software, Cal-Weld struggled with operations because they used a variety of unrelated spreadsheets and software programs to run the business. After their ERP implementation, operations were simplified and Cal-Weld was then able to manage inventory efficiently.

Improved Manufacturing Inventory Control

Prior to purchasing a modern ERP system in Global Shop Solutions, Cal-Weld had a difficult time keeping track of one of the most critical areas of business – inventory. After implementing the new software, Cal-Weld saw quick improvements.

At any given time, we know exactly what we have, and how much of it. We can do cycle counts, which we didn’t have the ability to do before. And the inventory reports enable us to mine the data to make better decisions about inventory levels and purchasing.

-Mitch Short, Vice President of Operations, Cal-Weld

ERP Customization for Better Results

Cal-Weld takes advantage of the customization of Global Shop Solutions ERP software. The software’s flexibility gives Cal-Weld the ability to create custom reports that are used to better manage the business. For example, they customize work orders and automatically link product drawings to workcenters in order to ensure more efficient shop floor processes that save time and money.

Cal-Weld uses the Crystal Reports feature within the Global Shop ERP system to analyze data and better their business. Global Shop Solutions contains a standard work order schedule report that updates in real time so everyone knows what’s going on. Because of the Global Shop ERP system, Cal-Weld can run reports and receive data that will help them stay organized as a business.

Better Business Decisions and Superior Service

Short believes that Global Shop Solutions is a complete ERP system with stellar service. He says, “What really impresses me about Global Shop Solutions is that they take the time to listen to their customers, which is something you don’t often see with other ERP vendors. To me, that represents the essence of true customer service.”

Click here to download the full Cal-Weld ERP software case study.

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