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Mobile CRM in Modern Machine Shop Online

Mobile CRM ERP Software

The 21st century is full of new technological innovations. Information can be reached at the touch of a button, and humans carry advanced technology in the palm of their hand in the form of mobile devices. Global Shop Solutions now has a tool that allows you to carry the power of your business in the palm of your hand: Mobile CRM.

Global Shop Solutions decided to upgrade our CRM application to the 21st century with the release of our Mobile CRM product. This product allows users to manage their manufacturing while away from the shop. Users can access critical data from their smartphones and tablets without having to be by their office computer. It has truly modernized the manufacturing business, and has been noticed by manufacturing magazines such as Modern Machine Shop.

Modern Machine Shop, a magazine that provides insight into real world applications of metalworking technology, published an article about Mobile CRM. Editor Jedd Cole emphasizes how our Mobile CRM product “enables users to remotely view sales orders, quotes, job status, contact information and other data required to provide fast, responsive customer service.” Simplifying manufacturing means continued innovation– just one of these many innovations is Mobile CRM.

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