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Manufacture Smarter Not Harder with Business Intelligence Software

Monitoring the health of your manufacturing business can sometimes be difficult, but what it shouldn’t be is monitored by pen and paper. So how you do take years of numbers, charts, and reports and digitize it: with ERP Business Intelligence software.

What is ERP Business Intelligence?

A quality ERP Business Intelligence software can take your business analysis to new heights with in-depth decision making based on hard facts and numbers in an easy-to-understand format. All of those graphs, charts, reports, and detailed drilldowns that you used to analyze by hand are now on your computer, and depending on your provider, you can access that data from anywhere in the world with a mobile app.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Overall, it offers you and your business accurate, real-time data, visual simplicity, and unlimited reporting options. With easy-to-understand screens, you can pull any reports needed to help identify trends, and drill down into reports to forecast for the future. Additional functionality and features of ERP Business Intelligence software should include:

  • Productivity, vendor, cost, quoting win/loss, and on-time analysis
  • Purchase price trends
  • Management summaries
  • Secure connectivity
  • Custom reports

To learn more about Business Intelligence software and how your business can benefit from all that it has to offer, visit our product page.

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