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How is ERP Implemented?

ERP Implementation is one of the most crucial pieces to reaping the full benefits to any ERP software solution. It is also one area where you will find extreme variation between ERP software providers. After looking closely at the applications provided with a particular ERP solution, the software’s flexibility and ease of use, the ERP implementation process should be examined closely too, so that the amount of time and work involved in putting the software in place is fully understood.

ERP Implementation Can Vary

Implementation of an ERP software system requires a significant amount of preparation and planning. This is true even when replacing an existing ERP system.

The ERP Implementation Process

The extent of guidance and support received from the ERP software provider for this phase can make a big difference in how long the process takes and how smoothly the implementation progresses.

erp implementation explained

Part of the ERP implementation process will be the training of end-users in the software. This initial training should involve every level of company personnel, from top management to shop floor labor. Training will continue to be an ongoing part of the process as new employees join the company and improvements and changes are made to the ERP software.

Once the full ERP implementation is completed, staff are trained and the software is operating live, ongoing support from the ERP software supplier will be another important factor. The quality of support received after ERP implementation will affect the ability of a manufacturer to maximize the ROI from the ERP software over time.

Further details on how to have a successful implementation as well as direct details from our customers who’ve done it, can be found in the How is ERP Implemented? whitepaper.

how is erp implemented

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