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Global Shop Solutions Launches Websites PLUS Product As a Business Service to Manufacturers

First impressions are everything and can easily make or break your credibility. In order to compete effectively, manufacturing companies must have websites that are smart, clean and drive people to engage with their business. When their website looks bad, it makes their company and product look bad. This impacts their new opportunities and customer retainer, so Global Shop Solutions, a global provider of fully-integrated ERP software for manufacturers, is helping its customers look their best with the release of high-performance Websites PLUS for Manufacturers.

Global Shop Solutions created Websites PLUS to take a company’s website to the next level. The product provides customers with modern, clean website that is integrated with Global Shop Solutions ERP software, mobile ready, and customized to their business. In partnership with Las Vegas-based advertising and marketing agency Expert Internet Marketing (EIM), Websites PLUS enhances customers’ websites leading to improved credibility, increased brand awareness, and more sales for Global Shop Solutions customers.

“Websites PLUS is a great thing, especially since the employees of the manufacturing company don’t have to actively manage or hire people to run it,” says Adam Grabowski, Director of Marketing for Global Shop Solutions. “We manage all of this for our customers, so they don’t have to worry about anything but how to deal with happier customers and more opportunities.”

Websites PLUS provides three major benefits to the manufacturing customer. First, the manufacturer receives a dynamically, redesigned website to match the quality of parts they manufacture. Second, through a strong website and extensive advertising in Google Display Network, manufacturer’s experience a lift in quality web traffic and an increase in orders. Lastly, Websites PLUS adds an additional employee to the manufacturer’s business by integrating with Global Shop Solutions ERP software, enabling web visitors to look up order status, job status, shipping and inventory information in real time.

Several Global Shop Solutions’ customers have already experienced results. “They are a great group of people,” exclaims Rob Watts, CEO of B&B Machine & Grinding Service Corporation, about Expert Internet Marketing. “We gave them our vision and they came back and over-exceeded all of our expectations with our website. Our business is better as a result of this service.”


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