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Global Shop Solutions Celebrates 40 Years of Simplifying Your Manufacturing

Global Shop Solutions, a leading developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, celebrated 40 years of simplifying your manufacturing in June. Founded in 1976 by Dick Alexander, the family-owned business has grown from a small local company to a global enterprise serving thousands of discrete manufacturers around the world. A recognized industry leader, Global Shop Solutions is known worldwide for its product quality, customer service, and family-business values.

“We make ERP software by and for manufacturers,” says second-generation owner and company president Dusty Alexander. “But we also serve as a trusted partner and advisor to our customers, helping them refine their business processes to compete more effectively in today’s global manufacturing markets. The ability to develop long-term business relationships with our clients has resulted in 40 years of stable ownership and steady growth, which we are very proud of.”

From humble beginnings using punch cards and a rented mainframe computer, Global Shop Solutions has evolved into a sophisticated ERP software package that is fully compatible with today’s Windows operating systems, SQL database, .net framework, and network technologies. By listening to its customers, the company has grown from a handful of clients to a global customer base of more than 1,300 manufacturing companies and 30,000+ users. Global Shop Solutions software can be found in companies throughout the U. S., Canada, Latin America, and Asia, ranging from small job shops to very large enterprises like Frito Lay, Pepsi, EMC, Cisco, Boeing, Caterpillar, John Deere, Eaton, & Timken.

A Recipe for Success

Family owned and operated, Global Shop Solutions has built its success around strict adherence to four guiding principles:

  • Hire the best talent
  • Listen to the customer
  • Never stop improving the product
  • Give back to the community

Global Shop Solutions has one the highest employee retention rates in the industry, with an average tenure of nearly eight years. It also has a long history of community involvement, including ongoing programs to support the homeless, Toys for Tots, youth programs, and veterans. The company’s most recent charitable activity involved building and donating bicycles to Children’s Safe Harbor, a nonprofit organization that provides services to abused children.

“The keystone to our four decades of success has been ongoing improvement of our products,” adds Alexander. “We constantly add new features and capabilities to keep our customers ahead of the technology curve. And even though we serve a global market, we’re also proud to say that we continue to design, develop and support our proprietary software products here in the U.S.”

In keeping with its commitment to family ownership, Global Shop Solutions recently completed a successful transition from first- to second-generation ownership. The company is now 100% owned by second-generation family members.


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