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Getting Something Right is Great; Being Nominated for Awards is Humbling

Global Shop Solutions is blessed. The company is blessed to have one of the most successful and loyal customer bases in manufacturing. For 40 years, the success and loyalty of our customers has created a bridge of trust and credibility, which has fostered innovation. Our customers communicate the truth about their manufacturing business, their manufacturing needs, and trust that Global Shop Solutions will create, build, adjust, or fix anything necessary to help them achieve their goals. More often than not, big wins for our customers require hard conversations.

Global Shop Solutions is often referred to as family, friend, and a trusted partner and advisor to our customers. This cultural characteristic was developed over time due to our commitment to customer service, our commitment to our employees, and our commitment to bringing new products and services to market that will help our manufacturing customers build more successful businesses. Our customers count on us to understand their industry, manufacturing mode, and innovate on their behalf – often bringing them products that they didn’t know they needed for problems they didn’t know they had. The launch of our FLOOOM product back in 2014 is a great example of this. Now, any customer across any manufacturing mode or industry can track costs by the component (freight, labor, overhead, outside services, other, and material) and roll that up into their financial statement which is improving profitability and margin.

In the last few years, manufacturing shop floors in every country, industry, and manufacturing mode has seen mobility sweep in and take it by storm. Global Shop Solutions has been ahead of the curve with the development and deployment of our paperless shop floor solution as well as our recent release of Mobile CRM. The Mobile CRM product allows a Global Shop Solutions customer to access, view, or edit information from the ERP system safely and securely, based on their role in the business, in real time. No longer do you have to wait to be behind your computer to get the information that you need.

Additionally Mobile CRM goes even further by allowing our customer base to deliver this application to their customers to view information critical to the relationship such as customer service information, shipping, job status, and other data. The product has been such an enormous hit with our customer base that it is nominated for the Modern Mobility Innovation Awards. This award competition recognizes exceptionally innovative and successful enterprise mobility projects. Keep your eyes peeled for the January 2017 issue of Modern Mobility magazine, and you might just find Global Shop Solutions and one of our customers walking the red carpet.

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