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Florida Aviation Manufacturers Should Use ERP Software to Boost Economy

The most innovative aviation and aerospace manufacturers can benefit from ERP software systems that keep them on top of the industry and its constant transformations.

Enterprise Florida states that there are 18,000 manufacturing companies operating in the state, with aviation and aerospace products and parts leading the pack. The aerospace and aviation industries in Florida employ over 82,000 workers. Plus, there are several significant aircraft companies planning to move to the state in the near future, which will give the economy a large boost.

A report completed by Florida Tax Watch titled “Ready for Takeoff: Florida Can Lead the Nation in Aircraft Manufacturing,” confirmed that in the next two decades, the commercial aviation sector should see 5-percent growth each year. To ensure Florida’s economic progress, these industries must continue expanding and developing products at an optimum level. Next to production, exporting products from aircraft manufacturers is of critical importance as it upholds Florida’s trade surplus.

Sunshine State News highlighted the importance of education when it comes to the manufacturing industry in Florida. Research analyst Jennifer Linares said that without the proper education in STEM courses – science, technology, engineering and math – there will be a shortage of workers to participate in the aviation and aerospace industry growth.

The Farnborough Airshow in London this year gave 11 Florida companies an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments in the aviation industry and discuss the future of aerospace on a global scale with other world leaders. Gray Swoope, president and CEO of Enterprise Florida and the Secretary of Commerce for the state, believes the airshow will lead to more manufacturing jobs in Florida. The hope is that these jobs will keep students well-versed in STEM subjects working in the state.

Aerospace and aviation manufacturers are in a crucial position in today’s economic climate. By implementing ERP software, they can streamline their deliveries, track inventory and roll with the punches in an ever-morphing industry.




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