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ERP Helps Manufacturers Deliver Quality Customer Service

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While ERP is traditionally seen as business management software, it is also gaining momentum as a customer service facilitator. Companies believe ERP is an effective tool in ensuring excellent customer service, according to study conducted by IDC Manufacturing Insights in December 2013. Additionally, respondents said that ERP is one of the most valuable applications for affecting the customer experience. The report also uncovered that manufacturers would benefit from ERP solutions that are fully integrated, modern and flexible.

In the manufacturing arena, quality customer service includes reliability, speed, and eagerness to solve others’ problems. It’s important for manufacturers to prioritize customer service, since it contributes to business growth and profitability, and it also supports customer retention and product differentiation, according to Engineering News.

ERP can take manufacturing companies to the next level with quality customer service. Without ERP solutions, many manufacturing companies face barriers in delivering quality customer service, according to Engineering News. Some obstacles include lack of timely information, poor integration and rigid IT programs. ERP systems address all of these issues in a seamless manner. However, one of the main challenges is a lack of funding. Even so, many ERP vendors are affordable and can push down this barrier.

Quality customer service is essential for businesses to succeed. It builds a large customer base, secures client loyalty and achieves customer retention. Manufacturers who invest in ERP solutions are more likely to increase sales and remain competitive in the manufacturing marketplace.

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