The city of Houston, Texas, has tough skin and that isn’t because of the brazen heat and humidity six months out of the year. It is because of the roller coaster ride we call “black gold” or oil. Times are tough right now, but this isn’t our first rodeo and everyone knows oil will be back and likely stronger than ever – just like always.

So the questions is, will you survive in these tough times or thrive? Well, for many of the prospects and customers at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) tradeshow, that question was top of mind. Why do they ask Global Shop Solutions for help? Because we have been working with manufacturers since 1976 (that’s right… 40 years) and helping them thrive regardless of the environment around them. The booth was buzzing as we announced the launch of Mobile CRM in our 2016.1 release scheduled for this summer. The ability to manage your manufacturing from the palm of hand from any device any time of the day or night will revolutionize the way you manufacture. Give yourself peace of mind by extending the reach of Mobile CRM as a branded resource to your customers to access shipping, job status, and other critical pieces of data. Gone are the days of your customer calling you to find the status of their order. They can simply look it up on their phone.

Other technologies fascinating attendees were our Shop Floor Data Collection and GS mobile giving manufacturers the ability to use the latest in barcode scanning, handheld printing and mobile technologies to revolutionize the shop floor, reduce paper and save money. How do we help manufacturers thrive? It is a simple math equation. Great people + great product + treat customers like family = more successful customers and case studies than anyone else in the business. We focus on providing you with the best foundation possible for your manufacturing business by focusing your implementation on accurate inventory, accurate costing, accurate financial statement with operations data, access to operations data in real time from any device, and executing the 10 ways to simplify your manufacturing.