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Debunking Metal Fabrication Mishaps in the Midwest

Since 1979, DeJong Manufacturing Inc., a privately-held, woman-owned contract metal fabricator in New Sharon, Iowa, has been serving up a variety of high-quality metal fabricated parts for industries ranging from construction, transportation and agriculture to food and e-commerce. Today, the company’s 175,000 sq. ft. facility, recognized as one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in the Midwest, boasts numerous high-powered computer controlled laser cutting and forming cells, along with CNC horizontal and vertical machining, plasma cutting, high speed turret punching, automatic sawing, welding, hardware insertion, powder coating, and light assembly capabilities.

In addition to the firm’s sophisticated machinery, DeJong Manufacturing’s commitment to investing in high-tech equipment extends to the software tools they use to run the business itself. So it’s no surprise that when management decided to leave their old ERP vendor, they went with industry-leading Global Shop Solutions.

From automated purchasing to custom enhancements, DeJong Manufacturing continues to be amazed at the flexibility of Global Shop Solutions’ software and its ability to adapt to the company’s unique operating environment. For example, DeJong does not have one single purchasing agent or even a dedicated purchasing department. Instead, different members of management order materials for different parts of the business using Global Shop Solutions.

“Global Shop Solutions allows us to use different sort codes that make it simple to track who needs to order what and when,” explains Matt DeJong, Vice President of Sales and Manufacturing. “I’m in charge of ordering all the carbon steel. My brother, Joel, buys the stainless steel and structural products we need. And other people are responsible for various raw materials used in the production process. We simply enter a different sort code for each material and the system tells us what items we need to purchase and for what jobs.”

To learn more about DeJong Manufacturing, download their case study or any of our other 150 case studies here.

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