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Customer Liberty Brass Brightens the World and Beats the Competition

“We were referred to Global Shop Solutions, took a look at the software, bought it and we haven’t been sorry since.”

–David Zuckerwise, Chairman, Liberty Brass Turning Company

Around for nearly 100 years, Liberty Brass is the largest stocking manufacturer of screw machine products for the lighting industry in the United States. Their growth and success is largely due to implementing Global Shop Solutions ERP system

Utilizing the abundant tools in the ERP system, Liberty Brass points to the customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities of Global Shop Solutions as a primary reason Liberty Brass has continued to build their customer relationships. The company finds CRM is an important tool for constantly fine-tuning relationships with their customers.

“When I’m in the field or on the road,” says Zuckerwise, “or I’m traveling to a sales call and a customer asks me about a particular job, I can actually log onto that job from a distant location and see precisely where it is on our production floor, and that’s a huge sales benefit for me.”

Ultimately, for a company that’s been around as long as Liberty Brass, continued success for another 90 years will come through a proactive approach that anticipates future consumer needs and manufacturing efficiencies to meet those needs.

“We’re very, very lean and we’re lean because of Global Shop Solutions,” exclaims Zuckerwise.

To learn more about Liberty Brass’ success with Global Shop Solutions, download their case study here.

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