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Friday Features – The One Class You Never Regret Taking

We began the season with record-breaking attendance of any Friday Feature as we taught you how to access your data out of Global Shop Solutions ERP software quickly and easily with Crystal Reports. You were also introduced to Timeclock basics, Global Shop Solutions menu tips and tricks, ways to improve your use of CRM, handling internal and externa…

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Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk in Mexico City

Mexico City in May is beautiful. It is even better when you have an opportunity to help the manufacturing community of Mexico compete which is exactly what Daniel Carranco, Senior Consultant and Team lead, Global Shop Solutions did at Fabtech Mexico by presenting and leading one of the Educational Sessions for attendees.

Daniel has been responsi…

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Successful Manufacturers Have a Secret

Each day more and more manufacturers are looking for a competitive advantage, and many of them call on ERP software businesses to determine if it is a difference maker. You might be thinking to yourself, why could ERP software be the difference maker? The answer is simple and thousands of years old – knowledge is power.

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