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BOM Design to Production in the Blink of an Eye

You’ve just spent the last two hours designing and modifying a new product in your CAD/CAM software. You’re feeling great about it and are ready to see its way to production. But then you remember you still have to manual compare your CAD/CAM Bill of Materials (BOM) against your Global Shop Solutions BOM. Talk about a buzz kill! The last thing you want to do is participate in the tedious manual process of comparing of BOM from software to software leaving room for errors and a lengthy process. So let us introduce you to Global Shop Solutions CAD/CAM Bill of Materials Management Software or BOM Compare.

What is BOM Compare?

Available for both the cloud and on premise deployment options, BOM Compare software is the leg up in manufacturing you never knew you needed. Designed to save time and reduce errors for manufacturing engineers who at one time had to compare BOM manually, you can now simply export the latest BOM to BOM Compare with the click of a button.

BOM Compare displays a side-by-side comparison of the CAD or CAM BOM next to the Global Shop Solutions BOM so the user can quickly identify any discrepancies, such as additions, subtractions, or modifications to the BOM.

Our customers are seeing hours of time saved that can be spent on activities that affect the bottom line.

“When pulling up a part, we can see the images, PDF docs, technical specifications, and anything else needed for the part. Global Shop Solutions auto-populates many of the fields so we don’t have to manually enter the data. It takes a lot less time to build our BOM, and they are more accurate.”

-Christine Barfield, Operations Manager, Accurate Control Company

The Benefits of BOM Compare

Since you’re no longer having to manually update and compare a project’s BOM, your time from design to production is expedited. If you need to make changes to the design of your product in CAD/CAM you can now easily export these modifications to BOM Compare so you’re always on top of each part needed, from start to finish.

Another bonus of our BOM Compare software is that even with the most complex of BOM, our program is easy and user-friendly. Use our color-coded system to identify differences between BOM quicker, tree graphs to clearly illustrate the parentage of each part, custom options, or utilize the automatically-generated backups so you can rest easy knowing your pertinent information is never missing.

The best part of BOM Compare is all the cash you will be saving. When integrating BOM from CAD/CAM software such as SolidWorks®, Solid Edge™, and Autodesk Inventor®, into Global Shop Solutions BOM Compare, your costs are kept extremely low and you can free up precious time for your engineers. And if you’re up-to-date on the latest version for your CAD/CAM software, you’ll be saving maintenance costs in the long run.

It’s time to reduce your manual processes and automate your manufacturing business. Why not start with your BOM Compare process? Your engineers are sure to love it, and so will you. To learn more about our CAD/CAM Bill of Materials Management Software, click here.

About the Author: Chris Pinaire is the Director of Consulting and Implementation at Global Shop Solutions, where he has been a part of more than 250 ERP software implementations. His team has more than 200 implementations active at any given time. When Chris is not helping customers simplify their operations to become more efficient, he enjoys running and spending time with his family.

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