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All Axis, All Control, All the Time

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, All Axis Machining uses a combination of high precision 5-axis machines, laser cutting, brake presses, and CNC punch equipment to produce a variety of general machined and sheet metal products. It has the distinction of being one of the few woman-owned businesses in the manufacturing industry as owner and president, Sue Kuzmin, handles the executive side of the business, while her husband, Gary, handles the production side. Together they have grown the company from startup to several million dollars in sales in just a few short years.

All Axis Machining credits part of their success to Global Shop Solutions’ integrated ERP system. One application that the Kuzmins are especially fond of is Document Control. With this module, the company can scan, import, and organize documents, drawings, customer specifications, revisions and anything else related to a customer or job.

“Once the documents are in the system, the person interacting with the customer has all the information right at their fingertips,” says Kuzmin. “From shipment records to certifications, there’s nothing they can’t get that they need to support the customer.”

To learn more about All Axis Machining, download their case study or any of our other case studies here.

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