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3 Reasons Why You Need CRM Software

The key to a high performing business is growing your relationships with your customers and vendors, and nurturing relationships with prospects. If you sell a high quality product, but you have repeatedly missed a shipment deadline, overbooked your calendar, or missed a service request from a customer, it’s time to invest in an ERP system with quality manufacturing CRM software. Not sure what that is? Let us explain:

Manufacturing CRM software stands for Customer Relationship Management. Manufacturing CRM combines all your customer, prospect and vendor information into one database for accurate, real-time access so you can manage your business relationships.

3 ways a manufacturing CRM can help you simplify:

  1. Stay connected. With a great CRM system, you will always have the ability to easily find the contact, billing and shipping information for every customer, prospect, and vendor you work with. Staying connected to the right people will be the lifeline to your business, and something that you cannot afford to fail at. Do you really want to be known as the person who can never remember who your customer’s CEO or CFO is? No, you don’t.
  2. Keep on track. When you’re busy managing multiple vendor accounts and customer orders, it’s easy to forget about a meeting with a prospect, or a yearly check-up call with a customer. A CRM helps you organize and create events and opportunities for everyone you do business or hope to do business with, and it saves you from having to reschedule meetings that you shouldn’t have missed in the first place.
  3. Assist customer needs. Open orders, open shipments, sales history, and work orders are all a piece of the knowledge puzzle when it comes to keeping your customer happy. If a customer calls up and ask what the ETA is on their metal brackets for their store, you shouldn’t have to thumb through pages of printed worked orders and shipments to track that information down. A CRM provides a quick and easy way to manage all the information related to a customer’s order you could possibly need to know.

A happy customer equals more revenue for your manufacturing business. So don’t let silly mistakes cost you from missing an opportunity. To simplify your manufacturing and invest in a great CRM, contact us today.

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