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Customer Care and Training Gets Mucho Amor

Global Shop Solutions loves our customers. Plain and simple, our goal is to make sure our customers are successful, happy, and have all the tools and resources they need to keep current business and win new business. The last three years Global Shop Solutions has seen a significant rise in new customers from Mexico, Central…

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Inventory: The Heart of ERP Software

“Inventory is critical,” says Rhonda Gieza, Senior Consultant for Global Shop Solutions. “It is imperative that the information that is there is correct.” Every manufacturer knows how true this statement is. If you can’t trust the inventory data in your software, it becomes worthless. Instead of saving you time, time is wasted going through stock…

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Simplifying Your Manufacturing from A to Z

Your success is our success and our employees are here to help simplify your manufacturing™. How do we do it? We offer over 110 days of training classes each year to keep you at the top of your game. Our Fall 2016 Power Up Your ERP training sessions are no exception. These sessions are led…

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Friday Features – The One Class You Never Regret Taking

We began the season with record-breaking attendance of any Friday Feature as we taught you how to access your data out of Global Shop Solutions ERP software quickly and easily with Crystal Reports. You were also introduced to Timeclock basics, Global Shop Solutions menu tips and tricks, ways to improve your use of CRM, handling internal and externa…

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